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Pioneers in development, planning and environmental law with expertise in the land-legal sector.

As the GeoAfrika group’s attorneys, HSG provides focused legal solutions throughout the development process. Established in 1990, the firm was the first specialist environmental law company in the country and has extensive experience in the land-legal sector. Operating closely alongside the GeoAfrika team, HSG is able to provide seamless legal support as needed, which makes the entire process more efficient for clients.

By working in association with the GeoAfrika divisions, HSG is able to provide informed, effective legal advice with the bigger development picture in mind. Legal issues have the potential to arise at any stage in the development, so involving a legal specialist upfront removes uncertainty during the process and ensures that developments are able to proceed with clarity, mitigating risk and reducing cost in the long run.

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Our services include:

  • General conveyancing
  • Project-related conveyancing
  • Property law
  • Planning law
  • Land-legal solutions
  • Land tenure resolutions
  • Notarial practice
  • Environmental law
  • Property management
  • Commercial law
  • Property-related litigation